Basic To Blues

Air Force basic training, Air Force life, and deployments explained.

Considering Joining the Air Force?

This is an inside look at what it’s actually like being an enlisted airman. Put together from veterans personal experience to inform the next generation of American airmen.

Basic Training

Learn the tips and tricks to survive basic training before you even step off the bus. Making your time at Lackland AFB as easy and simple as possible.

Air Force Life

Want to know what you’re potentially getting yourself into for the next 4 to 6 years? Hear about the everyday Air Force life first hand from veterans who’ve been there.


You might be wondering, “does the Air Force actually deploy”? Get your questions answered with a no BS approach.

  • physical strength
  • Mental prep
  • Fly, fight, win attitude

One less thing to do in basic

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Basic training prep challenges to get you ready to be Air Force fit.

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