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A good source of information on what to expect in the Air Force.

7 Things To Know For Joining The Air Force In Your 30’s

Have you thought about joining the military at an older age and thought the time has passed? Some new found hope could be around the corner. Branches of the military have raised the age limit to accept older recruits. Each branch sets their own age limit, so you might...

50 Surprising Facts: How Air Force Basic Training Used To Be

If you’re considering joining the military you probably have a lot of questions, like how hard is Air Force basic training? This list of Air Force facts has the in’s and out’s of how Air Force basic training used to be. If you wanna know what it was actually like,...

Military Diet – Eating In Basic Training And After

Military diets and eating in basic training is drastically different compared to eating after basic. Learn what it's like to eat in basic training, tech school, and at your first duty station. Your military diet is what you make of it, but depending on your goals find...

4 Ways To Get Stationed At Your Desired Air Force Base

Here are four ways to get stationed at your desired Air Force base that everyone joining the Air Force should know. Some ways are simple and easy to do while others take time and effort. However, any and all of these 4 ways will help you travel to whichever base you...

Can You Write Letters During Basic Training?

Tips for writing letters in basic training are actually needed, it’s not as easy as you’d think to send letters. So will your family be telling you “be sure to write” as you’re leaving for the start of your military career? Here are the need to know tips for writing letters in basic training.

How To Learn Military Time

Military time might seem intimidating if you don’t already know it yet, but the good thing is that it’s actually really easy to learn. With one simple trick you’ll know that 1400 is 2pm. Why should you learn military time? Well understanding it is a fundamental skill everyone in the Air Force should know, so learn it here in under a minute with this easy to use military time chart.

How Much Money Can You Make On A Deployment?

The best part of deploying isn’t what you’d think it would be. It’s not the crazy experiences and stories, or even the places you’d go. Sure all that is great and amazing in their own right, but the best part of deploying is for the benefits that come with it. The money benefits to be exact.

4 Tips For Staying Connected During Basic Training

Long distance relationships can be tough and take a tole on people while in basic training. It doesn’t have to be if your prepared for it. Keep reading for some tips to stay connected and not have your relationship strained during your time away.

1500 push-ups, 30 day challenge – Basic Training Prep

1,500 push-ups, 30 day challenge. Are you ready to be “on your face” daily? If you struggle doing push-ups your going to be in a world of hurt during basic. The push-up is an essential exercise that you’ll be doing time and time again. So it’s best to be proficient and capable of doing them before you step off the bus arriving at Lackland AFB. Challenge yourself to complete 1,500 push-ups in 30 days before it’s too late.


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