Basic To Blues Podcast

Prepare for the Air Force experience, told and explained by Air Force veterans and new airmen alike.

Looking for a military podcast or an Air Force podcast?

Well, you found one. When you listen to the Basic To Blues Podcast you’ll learn what it’s actually like being in the Air Force from going through basic training, to learning your Air Force job, going on deployments, and everything else related to the Air Force life. 

Who You’ll Hear From

Air Force Veterans

Hear from the veterans who have been then and experienced everything you want to know. Veterans are rich in military knowledge with years of experience and insights.

New Airmen

New airmen have everything you’ll go through fresh in their minds. Hear what to expect when you are going through BMT, tech school, and moving on to your first Air Force base.


Recruits In DEP

There are so many questions revolving around joining the Air Force, these recruits had the same questions and now have the first-hand experience going through every step of joining the military.

Latest Podcast Episodes And Show Notes

00: Basic To Blues Podcast Introduction

Episode 00: IntroductionThis is episode zero, the introductory episode. The primary mission of the Basic To Blues Podcast is to help you decide if the military is right for you by dive into all the ins and outs of the air force. So Throughout this podcast, I'll be...

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