Long distance relationships and staying connected during basic training can be tough and take a toll on people. It doesn’t have to be if you’re prepared for it. Keep reading for some tips to stay connected and not have your relationship strained during your time away.

Ok, so the big question is “are relationships harder during basic training?

Yes, that is obvious.

Little to no communication between people would be a struggle for anyone and when you arrive at Lackland for training everything changes. Your phone will be turned off and collected and you’ll only see your phone a handful of times. Which will also be the main communication between you and your special someone. Each week you’ll get a 5 minute phone call and that’s it.

Such little communication sounds like a relationship killer but it doesn’t have to be by doing these 4 tips.

Discuss Communication Together Before You Go

Talk about it so both of you know communication will be limited or possibly even one sided for approximately 7 and a half weeks.

Staying connected during basic training is a challenge. It’s much easier going in knowing this instead of stressing out over it later.

Phone calls will be limited and if you’re from a different time zone while training in Texas it might possibly be a challenge to get someone to pick up the other end.

If calling seems difficult just know the next best form of communication will be writing letters. However, even letters will have limits when instructors won’t give you time to write anything back after receiving your first letter.

Staying Connected During Basic Training By Phone Calls

As I just said, each week you are given the opportunity to call loved ones for 5 minutes.

Your phone will be passed back to you and you’ll be on an emotional joyride talking to those you’ve been missing for some time. If your unable to get a hold of that special someone be sure to send a text message so they know you’re thinking of them. Better yet if your able to get away with it try and take a quick picture to message them.

But most importantly make that call any change you get.

Side tip, I’d recommend having your phone fully charged before arriving at basic training. It will be hard to find an outlet to charge your phone when there are far more trainee’s then outlets.

Staying Connected During Basic Training By Letters

I know this goes against what I just said that letters have limits too, but stay connected by having letters sent to you even if its one sided. Your significant other will be thinking of you while writing them and you will be thinking of them while reading.

I also know you will be tempted to write letters back but it’s difficult when your instructor doesn’t allow time to write or even collect letters to be sent out for that matter. If you wanna know how to send out letters while in basic training read the post about it here. 

Another common way to stay connected through mail is to have your special someone send pictures along with letters. Having new pictures to look at each week is a way to stay encouraged and looking forward to each week when mail arrives.

Side Tip, Don’t let that special someone send nude photos in any of your letters cause they will get confiscated.

Instructors pass out mail and if they feel a photo in it, they will have you open up the mail in front of them to inspect it. So don’t have anything sent you don’t want your instructor to see.

It’s bound to happen though, there is always at least one person in the flight that has something sent to them that will get confiscated. I recommend simply not doing it, but If your significant other sends you anything make sure it’s through your phone and not your mail.

Side Story – Thinking back to my time in basic training there were a few people that got photos confiscated from them that weren’t allowed. One of them received prank mail too. One day siting in the day room having mail passed out to everyone in the flight, our instructor handed a big envelope to one trainee and told him to open it up. Standing at the front of the room while everyone sat on the floor watching this person, he open his mail in front of the instructor and pulled out a nude magazine from the envelope. Our instructor busted up laughing knowing it was a prank and the rest of us on the floor smirked and smiled trying not to laugh. The magazine was confiscated on the spot and the trainee who received the mail was doing push-ups for the next few minutes cause of the prank. Enough stories.. back to the post.

Another Side Tip, Mail arrives and will be passed out usually once a week by your instructor while sitting in the day room. I would consider yourself lucky if you have an instructor that does mail more then once a week. Also your instructor will occasionally inspect your notebook for any letters written in it. Don’t get caught with any, they will be ripped out and you’ll be doing plenty of push-ups for it.

Plan A Graduation Trip Visit

At the end of basic training, you’ll be molded into a fine tuned American airman and presented so in a graduation ceremony in front of numerous crowds of families. After the ceremony is finished expect to be released to the crowds, so make sure your loved ones and significant other are there to welcome you with hugs as an airman.

It’s the perfect time to strengthen the relationship after being apart for nearly two months. After the graduation ceremony, you are able to spend the next few afternoons together off base around San Antonio. So take advantage of the opportunity and plan to see each other during this time.

To Wrap It Up

With these 4 tips for staying connected during basic training, your relationship should survive the time spent apart.

It won’t be easy but remember to talk about communication before leaving, attempt to call every week, receive as many letters as possible, and plan a graduation visit.

This is the beginning of a challenging road ahead of your relationship while enlisted in the military. The next relationship test will be attending tech school. Share this post with your special someone and discuss going through basic training.

Corey Porter

Corey Porter

Air Force Veteran

Corey is an Air Force veteran and the lead writer at Basic to Blues. He refueled fighter jets as a young airman and deployed twice to the Middle East. Now Corey can be found hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

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